Willingness to Adapt to Circumstances

There is an old military saying I like to think of a lot: “No plan survives first contact”. For me, this means that as well as you may plan, things are going to change as soon as you make contact with another.

In the process of leading, it is important that we do not cling too tightly to the well made plans that we have, lest we risk becoming too rigid and consequently, break.

Often, circumstances demand that we change, that we adapt and adjust. Having the mental flexibility and will to do so, enables us to stay in the game and to play it effectively.

Typically, an unwillingness to change comes from a desire to control circumstances and scenarios. However, what is the point of sticking fast to such control if circumstance nullifies our efforts?

Champions adjust.

Jim Hart is the founder of Hart Conservatories, The International Theatre Academy Norway and Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, LLC.


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