Positive Reinforcement

Most people want to see that their efforts are being recognized. When we work terrifically hard on a project, we, as people, like to have some recognition of our labor and a job well done.

Maintaining discipline in the workplace is part of the leader’s responsibility. Without individual discipline and collective discipline, a company or project is lost and is wasting time and resources.

One way of getting the most out of those who are working with and for you is to recognize their contributions, to give praise where it is due and to “catch people” in the act of doing their jobs well.

The leader who only punishes will lead through an environment of fear. Fear does not have a way of bringing the best out of others. However, pride, empowerment and a feeling of responsibility and accomplishment do.

Want others to be their personal best and accomplish difficult goals? Encourage them with recognition, when deserving.

Jim Hart is the founder of The International Theatre Academy Norway, The Hart Technique and Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts.


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