TEDx Talk: Teaching Arts Entrepreneurship via Games

Watch Jim Hart, Director of Meadows’ Arts Entrepreneurship program, give a TEDxSMU talk on teaching arts entrepreneurship through games. Jim Hart TEDx SMU Here is a link to that TEDx speech.



Arts Entrepreneurship Class Audio from TCG

Hi. If you are interested, take a moment to check out this audio file. It’s 50 minutes in length, but you can hop around, if you choose. Feel free to start at the beginning and kick your heals up a bit. In listening to the recording, I believe, you will get a window into the pulse of the Arts Entrepreneurship Movement.

Note the eagerness of the questions and participation. This is a Movement.

Join the Movement.

A New Renaissance? And Tip

Is this fastest of developing artistic disciplines, Arts Entrepreneurship, potentially leading us towards a new Renaissance?

I’m getting Google reports on Arts Entrepreneurship feeds, which are coming in from all around the world. I see Dr. Dre contributing towards the cause at USC, Harvard and MIT are exploring initiatives too and Juilliard has launched a music entrepreneurship program. Approximately 130 colleges and universities are simultaneously developing AE initiatives, seemingly at once. What I see is that this realization Continue reading

Synthesizing Talents to Create a Niche

Does entrepreneurship sound like a viable option for you? What will you create and who or what will you serve? Here are some tips towards discovering what that might be and how to begin amassing your personalized audience of choice, which has potential to become a long-term support base for you, specifically, as an artist and entrepreneur.

1. People generally like to Continue reading

Risk, Control and Profits for Arts Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs want to reduce risk, maintain creative control and increase profits. The best way to do this is to Bootstrap your business. This term comes from the phrase “Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps”.

Bootstrapping is an entrepreneurial process of spending only what you have in way of cash in hand or through bartering and exchange. It is the War Era generation of thinking, prior to our becoming a debtor society. It will likely result in a Continue reading

A Typical Entrepreneurial Mistake

Entrepreneurs often encounter problems in their startup process when they do not understand the revenue drivers. What is making the money for the business? Specifically, what is bringing cash in hand–not debt, not payments coming in a month, not credit, but cash in hand? For the success of any business, it is important that the entrepreneur understands how cash flows through their business. Once this is established, credit and other payment methods can be developed. Cash is King.

Jim Hart

Join the Movement

Where is arts entrepreneurship going, as a movement?

As art schools generate results in the form of more and more working artists, the validity of entrepreneurship within education and a creative context will become more widely accepted. Right now in higher education, there are approximately 130 colleges and universities in America developing arts entrepreneurship initiatives (more or less all popping up at once). This is a movement. The range of programs stretches from schools of note such as Juilliard and is happening, simultaneously, here and across the world.

The effects of teaching artists entrepreneurship are as follows: Continue reading