Check out Games for Arts Entrepreneurship

Please see my new blog of Games for the Arts Entrepreneurship Classroom.

Here you will find a wide range of games, each of which offer development of entrepreneurial skills.

Thank you and enjoy!



Thank you.

Outside of today’s post, I am not currently posting on this blog, The Hart Technique, but would like to thank you for your continued support. Please browse the Categories section of this blog and discover the over 270 original posts. Please also see the other channels I am broadcasting through.

At present, I am serving as Curator for the following SMU, Meadows School of the Arts– based channels:

Meadows Arts Entrepreneurship Youtube Channel: This channel provides a wide range of case studies/interviews with entrepreneurs, researchers and professionals working with and for entrepreneurs. They talk about what they do and how they do it.

Arts Entrepreneurship Blog (Meadows): This just over one year-old blog has over 135 original posts, to date. This blog covers topics like, “Are business plans really necessary?”, offers interviews with arts entrepreneurs and perspectives such as “heroism by choice”.

Arts Entrepreneurs’ Tool BoxThis series of organized digital links provide tools for arts entrepreneurs. Check it out and take what you can!

Privately created communication channel:

Arts Entrepreneurship, the Movement, a Facebook Page.

Again, thank you for your support at present and over the years.

Best wishes,

Jim Hart

Gone Writin’

Hey friends! Just a quick note to say that I’m presently on a retreat. I’ll keep you guys posted, but am dialing down the posting, here at The Hart Technique at this time. As always, thank you so, so much for your support. Many of you have followed my process, adventures and exploits for years now and I am very thankful.

It is my hope that you have found some value here at this blog and take away inspiration, perspective, newfound courage and techniques that may impact your own process in a positive way.

So, I’m back to the writing cave and wish you all a happy summer!