A New Renaissance? And Tip

Is this fastest of developing artistic disciplines, Arts Entrepreneurship, potentially leading us towards a new Renaissance?

I’m getting Google reports on Arts Entrepreneurship feeds, which are coming in from all around the world. I see Dr. Dre contributing towards the cause at USC, Harvard and MIT are exploring initiatives too and Juilliard has launched a music entrepreneurship program. Approximately 130 colleges and universities are simultaneously developing AE initiatives, seemingly at once. What I see is that this realization Continue reading


When is Profit a Dirty Word?

In the arts, I bump into people all the time that cannot handle “Art” and “Money” being spoken in the same sentence.

What I suppose these individuals don’t understand is that artists have a market as well, which is also ruled by profit.

“Money makes the world go round”, the cliche goes–and it is true.

For performing artists, we are in the entertainment BUSINESS, with “business” Continue reading

What Role Does the Hero Journey Play at TITAN?

What is a hero?

A hero is one who sacrifices their own interests in the service of another or others. A hero can commit themselves to an inner calling, a person, a belief system, a group or community or a nation. The key is Continue reading

Ever Thought About Writing?

I love to write. I didn’t used to. There was a time when I never really even thought to write. Now it is a regular practice in my life.

What is a writer? Someone who writes. How do you become a writer? You write. And keep writing.

You can share it with others or lock it away, if you choose. You can even use a pen name. Then you have total liberty, as no person knows who Dan Snoglebort is. Continue reading

Tips for Creating Original Theatre

For some, when looking at a blank canvas, they can feel very intimidated. When one can create anything, what does one create? There are virtually limitless possibilities. This liberty can be a very stressful burden at times.

Many create original theatre as a response to the status quo. Others do so as they prefer to create something original, uniquely theirs, as opposed to sometimes commonly produced plays. Some people like to live outside of the social restrictions of the “game” of the entertainment business and like to carve out their own path, their own process. There are many reasons to create original theatre and an equal number of methods.

In terms of creating original works of theatre or writing, I have found these steps to be personally effective. Here are a few tools you can use to generate inspiration for creating original works: Continue reading

First I said No and then Yes.

The messenger came suddenly and unexpectedly. He was telling me that it was time to leave what I know, to leave my comfort and relative safety and go away. The sensation

It is in the forest that the Big Bad Wolf lives.

felt both exhilarating at the thought and terrifying. “Go away”, I thought. “To what? What might happen? What if I don’t like the experience? What if I am not happy doing that? What if I fail”?

With these thoughts, I refused. “I won’t go. I am not ready. I am not equipped. I do not want to go”. However, over some measure of time, my thoughts again shifted towards the exhilaration. “What if I do not go? If I do not, I will never know what could have been. What if I am happy in going? What if I succeed? What if I win”? And with these thoughts, my mind became ever more resolved. “I will go. I will do this”. With these words, with this personal mental contract, with this psychic commitment, the universe shifted and doors began to open. Continue reading

How is TITAN Different and Necessary?

When I first started building TITAN, I was asked a couple of questions by nearly every government official I encountered and every journalist. These were the questions:

What makes TITAN:

1. Different from other schools? &

2. Necessary?

This first question was easy to define. What makes you different is a question that helps you define how you are going to compete in the market. How are you different from what the other players are doing and offering (in our case, other schools).

We are different in many ways, but the most unique element of our curriculum is the development of artists as selvstendig kunstnere (or independent artists) and arts entrepreneurs.

Most schools focus only on arts technique. Graduates know how to perform, but not necessarily how to make a living from performing. This leads to the problem of the “starving artist stereotype”. TITAN fills this gap by teaching our artists: Continue reading