Teaching Arts Entrepreneurship: Attracting Capital

At SMU, we offer a course with a short title of Attracting Capital. In this course, students

Students in Attracting Capital, Meadows School of the Arts, SMU.

gain a solid understanding of legal structures, pathways towards funding and numerous other business related matters. But simultaneously, students learn through a process of experiential learning and through game playing so that they have fun while learning and come to own their knowledge found.

How does one “attract capital?” In brief, one cannot, as capital is just money. However, one can Continue reading


Arts Entrepreneurship: You are Closer than you Think

Check out the post that I co-authored with Dr. Gary D. Beckman. This post, published by Theatre Communications Group (TCG) speaks to how Theatre will lead the movement in arts entrepreneurship.

Check it out Here.


A New Renaissance? And Tip

Is this fastest of developing artistic disciplines, Arts Entrepreneurship, potentially leading us towards a new Renaissance?

I’m getting Google reports on Arts Entrepreneurship feeds, which are coming in from all around the world. I see Dr. Dre contributing towards the cause at USC, Harvard and MIT are exploring initiatives too and Juilliard has launched a music entrepreneurship program. Approximately 130 colleges and universities are simultaneously developing AE initiatives, seemingly at once. What I see is that this realization Continue reading