Flip the Advice for Interesting Results

Here is a fun thought that has been somewhat of a guiding principle for my wife Kristina and I for years. It’s the opposite advice I’d heard throughout my youth and was so incredible to encounter the story of how this came to be, that we had a new life model as a result of the encounter. We got this idea from the practice of the parents of our dear friendĀ Elizabeth Pritchett. Pat and Liz boldly chose to build a lifestyle of farm living in Vermont and designed a career around that lifestyle.

Know what? They had the coolest lifestyle of nearly anyone we could think of. Why? They had been building their reality for decades, brick by brick. They found opportunities in the community they wanted to live in (in Vermont), which is the key starting point. They found the community they wanted to be a part of first. Eventually, Pat and Liz built their own opportunities, becoming important members both within and to their community and when Pat passed away a couple of years ago, the community came out in droves to express the meaning he had created in their lives.

Pat and Liz are designers of lifestyle and reality. They have created much–especially goodwill.

What a beautiful model. Seriously. They had an amazing lifestyle, which has nothing to do with money and everything to do with design and decision making.

Perhaps the good-intentioned advice many received growing up of “career first, lifestyle second” is actually backwards. I’ve found that in attending to lifestyle first and career second, that the career inevitably follows as a result of the lifestyle.



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