A New Renaissance? And Tip

Is this fastest of developing artistic disciplines, Arts Entrepreneurship, potentially leading us towards a new Renaissance?

I’m getting Google reports on Arts Entrepreneurship feeds, which are coming in from all around the world. I see Dr. Dre contributing towards the cause at USC, Harvard and MIT are exploring initiatives too and Juilliard has launched a music entrepreneurship program. Approximately 130 colleges and universities are simultaneously developing AE initiatives, seemingly at once. What I see is that this realization for the necessity of arts entrepreneurship occurring at the highest points of our educational system in America. Naturally, this will have an effect that trickles through universities and colleges who look to schools of legend for models and leadership, which will propel the creation of a new standard in Arts Education, one that incorporates Entrepreneurship.

Because arts entrepreneurship demands that the creator wear so many hats in the process of building a business, inspiring support and managing others towards creative vision realization, might we be entering into a new Renaissance? The realities of the market are demanding of our creatives and artists that they become Renaissance men and women if they wish to create their own thing and make a living in doing so. As more artists take creative responsibility into their own hands by engaging their visions in the market and begin to manifest their own opportunities, a sense of autonomy often emerges in the creator. Autonomy is another way of saying Liberty.

How free are you? To what or whom are you beholden? Who or what do you serve? Are you expressing the full scope of your creative vision potential? If not, what might that look like? If you could create anything, regardless of struggle or money, what would you create?

When you consider your life trajectory, your passions, what meaning you would like to see realized in the world that may not presently exist, what does that look like?

If it could be boiled down to one reason…what would be the reason that most never pursue their visions?

For most, the answer is fear, which leads me to my

Tip of the Day:

When addressing the inevitable fears of entrepreneurship, consider embracing the following idea. Note: The truth of this statement has no bearing upon its efficacy, if believed. Here is the thought:

“You are never given an opportunity you are not prepared for.” 

If you allow yourself to believe this idea, you can free yourself from doubt when suddenly faced with opportunity. After all, you are there.

For additional tips posted to TCG, see:n http://tcg2013.pathable.com/#

Jim Hart serves at SMU as Director of Arts Entrepreneurship: http://bit.ly/12mhUBH

Check out the session Hart leads tomorrow: http://bit.ly/10SIsE2


This post was originally written for the TCG National Conference 50 year celebration as part of Daily Tips in Arts Entrepreneurship, offered by Jim Hart.


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