Join the Movement

Where is arts entrepreneurship going, as a movement?

As art schools generate results in the form of more and more working artists, the validity of entrepreneurship within education and a creative context will become more widely accepted. Right now in higher education, there are approximately 130 colleges and universities in America developing arts entrepreneurship initiatives (more or less all popping up at once). This is a movement. The range of programs stretches from schools of note such as Juilliard and is happening, simultaneously, here and across the world.

The effects of teaching artists entrepreneurship are as follows:

  • Greater chances of profitability and sustainability
  • The artist often finds their voice, the most powerful of their tools
  • The artist comes to know true autonomy
  • Self realization and actualization
  • Job creation for others
  • Community and national impact
  • Economy stimulation
  • Culture creation in creating the company
  • Innovation proliferation
  • Cultural change
  • A greater frequency and volume of creative work

Imagine equipping our artists with tools to create on an enormous scale–job creation and service of others. This movement is putting entrepreneurial tools in the hands of the creative people, our natural dreamers, creators and problem solvers.

The cultural implications are profound.

Join the movement.


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