Trading Up

Today, in Entrepreneurship and the Hero Adventure at SMU, I had students play a game that was inspired by this article:

Their task: 

Starting with a paperclip, consistently attempt to trade that value for something greater. At the end of class, we will see what you have collected. They each have only 30 minutes.

Today, someone came back with a cell phone.

In Norway, I did a similar exercise, having student go upon a scavenger hunt. I put random objects, such as a single red shoe or a new, folded karate black belt. For fun, out of curiosity, I put “A working theatrical lighting board”. When the students returned, they did so with two lighting boards, as well as all of their other stuff, attained at no financial cost.

In these exercises, students gain experience and self-evaluation of their sales skills, ability to generate resources, to convince others to not be alarmed by their approach, to engage with them and to then convince the person to trade.


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