Giving Credit, Where Due

I believe in giving credit where it is due.

Please take a look at the letter I have written to the Hyatt Regency North Dallas. They are a remarkable company, which has a policy of helping those have housing, when they cannot sleep in their own homes, due to fire. My letter begins here:

Attn: General Manager of Hyatt North Dallas and the Management team and staff:
This letter is written with intent to be shared with leadership and management of Hyatt North Dallas and with whomever you would like to share with.
My name is Jim Hart. My family experienced a house fire some nights ago, the account of which, can be read here:
This was a terrifying event for us. As this post says, we awoke to fire from floor to ceiling, with our newly moved in boxes on fire as well. It was an electrical fire.
We have been so moved by the kindness of strangers and businesses within our community.
Hyatt hotels, at least in this area, have an agreement with the Garland Fire Department, providing temporary housing and morning breakfast for families who have a house fire and are not able to sleep in their homes. You cannot imagine how moved we were when the Garland Fire Chief handed us your company’s letter, offering us housing.
We arrived at 5:30am from the emergency room, all of us wreaking of smoke. The staff at Hyatt North Dallas were so kind in a time when my family and I were in shock and overwhelmed. We were treated with such dignity, kindness and respect. We were so moved by this experience, my wife and I, that we told every manager on duty, who we could find.
We stayed a total of three nights at the Hyatt, with accommodations free of charge.
We may not always be able to afford the Hyatt experience. However, when we can, please know that you have our loyalty. Perhaps more significant, for your brand, I am telling anyone who will listen about your policy and the great treatment we were afforded.
We are now in long term temporary housing and, when given a choice by our insurance as to what accommodations we wished to stay in, we, naturally, chose the Hyatt House and are very pleased that we did.
Again, thank you so much for your company policy, for your staff’s professionalism and for the abundant kindness we experienced in our time of need.
We are forever grateful.
Jim Hart

7 thoughts on “Giving Credit, Where Due

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  2. This is a great example of giving back to the community and how it strengthens bonds and creates customer loyalty. The Hyatt did something for you and your family, but touched all of us who care about The Harts!

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