Sometimes its Hard to Embrace Our Light.

Just had the following conversation in the court yard of an apartment in Dallas:

Some Guy: 

You know, I been bad all my life. It’s easy to be bad. It’s easy to be a f***up. Success is what’s hard. Man, you succeed, you got responsibility. People expect something of you.


That’s true. Sometimes we are most afraid, not of our darkness, but our light.

Some Guy: 

Whatever, man. I jus know it’s easier to be bad. And its hard bein’ good.

Note: This guy has a vision to create art, using his vocational skills (welding and glass blowing). We chatted a bit. He’s got the vision, he’s got the skill. Confidence is what this man needs. Confidence can be developed.

I could see that this guy has lived life via a hard path. He emanated experience. He’s just moved to Dallas and is living with his girlfriend. He told me that if I tell her about his vision, we would:

Some Guy:

…go to heads in the parking lot. We’ll take it outside. Know what I mean? Man, we’d go to blows. But I know you ain’t gonna tell her.


Everybody has to commit in their own time, in their own way. You’ll know when that is. I’m not going to tell her.

Some Guy: 

I just wanna create quality stuff outa metal and glass–kinda stuff that people can hang up in their house, one of a kind. Man, what I create would be a centerpiece in their dinging room.


We went on to speak about his need for a website, so that he can communicate with the global market of the internet. He didn’t know how. So, I suggested he have a buddy build one. He had one in mind.


Who’s your audience? Who are you creating for?

Some Guy:

Everibody! Man, whoever’s got cash!


A lot of people in Dallas have cash. But everyone is not your audience. How about rich white folk who want to impress their neighbors with your outdoor one-of-a-kind garden art. They are still building houses here, man. People are buying them and they want to impress their friends. That’s your audience. Be sure to put a large price tag on your work, as people value things that are expensive. It’s funny who that works.

Next step is that you need to build a demo.

Some Guy: 

I been saving for a weldin’ machine. I been working on that.


Got a space?

Some Guy:

No. Man, I got nothin’. It takes money to do something.


Yea. It does. Have you thought about having a sponsor? They could provide you with your supplies.

Some Guy:

F**k no. I don’t want no sponsor. I wanna do this all my own. I wanna do this…I don’t need nobody.


Well, you need people to buy your work so you can make a living doing what you love. Create something and get people to talk about it. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising.

Some Guy: 

I don’ wanna do advertising. They either like it or they don’t.


That works for some people, but most people have to get there stuff out there so that people know about it.

Some Guy:

Yea. That’s right.

This conversation went on. One thing that he made obvious is that he wants to do this on his own. He wants to build from the ground up without anyones help and he does not care if he makes money, as he just has to do this.

This guy needs to go the Bootstrapping model of entrepreneurship, which means to create with nothing more than the resources you have at hand. Motto: “Don’t spend what you don’t have.”

His passion is right. His reasons are right. With the proper mentoring, this individual has real potential.

I wish him the best.

Jim Hart


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