Talent is Power

What is talent? It’s a task that is typically difficult to accomplish, but is accomplished with a degree of ease and capability by an individual or group.

Translation: You can do difficult stuff more easily than others.

Talent is a kind of power, as talent can move, inspire and excite others. And an artists’ talents can be focused in any number of directions. It can be focused on one’s inner life, exclusively or can be focused on an exterior goal or with a certain people or person in mind.

Considering this, why not direct those talents towards a social good? Why not create some good in the world with our powers, our talents? We can always do art for arts’ sake as we like and if you are like me, you are creating multiple things more or less all the time.

What we are talking about here is Service.

What is service? Contributing one’s resources (including time and energy) towards the good or betterment of another person or group.

This is where artists discover their true power.

Couple this with sacrifice of the artists’ personal needs for the service of others, and the artist enters the realm of the Hero.

What do you do with your powers? Who do you serve?

Jim Hart is the Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU or Southern Methodist University in Meadows School of the Arts. Har is the founder of The International Theatre Academy Norway, which he owned and helped develop for 8 years.


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