The Bitch Monkey Dance

So you made the wrong decision and think you’re a flop.

No one believes in you and your spirit will rot.

You’re a clown, a loser and have no right to fame.

Your days are filled with anger, desire and shame.

You want it so badly, but there is no chance,

Unless you sell your soul and do a Bitch Monkey Dance.

Well, wakeup, my friend. Don’t be a buffoon.

No one achieves their dreams on a silver spoon.

You’ve got to work off your balls and bleed through your heart

If you want a rich life in this messed up art.

You gotta know the rules and choose to live by ‘em

With the power and will of twenty thousand men.

You gotta be creative, cunning and bold

If you want to reach the glory–the spiritual gold.

Now if it helps you some, know that I believe in you.

Now grab that bull by the horns and make him scream out, “Moo!”

Then rip off his balls and throw them in the flames

And with a tribal yell, bellow out your name,

For you are the King, the hero of this tale!

It’s one where you control if you win or if you fail.

Now get yourself to work and know that you will win–

You’ll push with all your might–again and again and again.

From “The Wrestling Show” by James David Hart

Jim Hart is the Director of Arts Entrepreneurship Program at SMU. Hart is also the founder of The International Theatre Academy Norway.


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