Seeing Your Ideas More Fully

On this blog, I speak a lot about “vision having”, which is a process of focused imagining.

We need vision in this world. Vision leads us forward. Vision solves problems. Vision can inspire and vision can heal. It is good for people to have vision.

Having vision is the ability to have an active imagination and an ability to focus clearly and for sustained periods on your imaginings.

Here is a process I find useful:

I like to dream a lot. I can’t help it, really. My mind just loves to slip into fantasy. This is no surprise. I have always loved to play and have made theatre of my life, doing plays and playing with and in them. I like to play. I like to dream.

When I am into a thought, I think about that thought as often as possible. Some might even say I “obsess” about such a thought, which I describe as “purposeful concentration”. I think about “What if?” scenarios. I think about problems that could arise from this thing and obstacles I might face if I were to make it. I start dreaming about resources needed, etc.

One thought flows to another, if you follow them.

How do we activate our imaginations?

Simply put, we play. That’s it. We enter the head space we all have as children–our waking dreaming state, our suspension of disbelief. We let ourselves “go there”.

The imagination likes to dip into the subconscious and fluctuates between the conscious mind and the subconscious.

Focus: When we train our minds to focus very intensely and for long periods of time, our ability to do so grows. The more we practice at focusing our minds, the more focused we become.

While in your waking dream state of imagining, watch. See where your mind takes you. Follow it and play with it. Play with your thoughts.

Make the process a joy. Do it because it is fun.

Creative minds play with those thoughts that they love. Many fresh ideas often arise from such thinking.

Jim Hart is the founder and Rektor of The International Theatre Academy Norway.


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