How to Be More Creative

What is creativity? Creativity is to create, to make, to manifest, to bring about, to realize something that did not previously exist. Everyone is capable of creating, for creating is just making something.

Creations can be as small as a drawing with crayon or as grand as a cruise ship or a particle accelerator. Humans are capable of creating very much.

Just look around your room. Everything created by a human required vision on some person’s part (or peoples’). It began as electricity in their mind (a thought) and then became realized in a physical form in our physical reality. Amazing.

Creativity is married to the imagination. It is the imagination that is responsible for generating impulses, ideas, visions.

Vision having can be an important for those desiring to create. Those two words: “Vision having” can sound so very exclusive, pretentious. But having vision is nothing special. It is simply a way of seeing.

To see, we must look.

If we exercise our imaginations (by using it often), when you call upon it for an idea or to solve a problem, very often it will produce.

Just as in any other sort of activity, the more we practice, the better we become. The more we learn, the more we do, the more able we are to do, with skill.

Perhaps the hardest part of creating something new is the process of beginning. For beginning requires a terrific amount of energy and momentum development. When a stone is stuck in stillness, it takes a lot of energy to move. But if it is rolling down a hill, it seems to propel itself. It has momentum. The more you create, the more you create.

To put this in another way, if you want to go on a trip that requires flying, the hardest part is buying the ticket. Until you buy the ticket, you are grounded.

Start. Then keep going.

Have fun, for that is why we create.

Jim Hart is the founder and Rektor of The International Theatre Academy Norway.


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