How is TITAN Different and Necessary?

When I first started building TITAN, I was asked a couple of questions by nearly every government official I encountered and every journalist. These were the questions:

What makes TITAN:

1. Different from other schools? &

2. Necessary?

This first question was easy to define. What makes you different is a question that helps you define how you are going to compete in the market. How are you different from what the other players are doing and offering (in our case, other schools).

We are different in many ways, but the most unique element of our curriculum is the development of artists as selvstendig kunstnere (or independent artists) and arts entrepreneurs.

Most schools focus only on arts technique. Graduates know how to perform, but not necessarily how to make a living from performing. This leads to the problem of the “starving artist stereotype”. TITAN fills this gap by teaching our artists:

1. How to maximize one’s talent and perform with technique
2. How to create original works of theatre and art
3. How to find one’s individual artistic voice and create through that
4. How to have vision and build that vision into a profitable or sustainable reality

The second question of How is one Necessary, is the kind of question that can cause you to stare at the ceiling while trying to sleep. How does one become necessary? I have given great thought to this question and the answer I have come up with is this:

One can only become necessary through an act of serving others.

Being Necessary as an Artist:
The benefit of becoming necessary is that when one is needed, there is a greater chance of their making a living, as to be needed, one is creating value. Also, when one is needed, very often, one can find a sense of meaning in their work that is larger than just one’s self.

Value Creation and Community Collaboration:
TITAN creates value. That is how we are necessary. We train our artists to both compete for existing commercial work AND to create value for others (audience, community, groups of interest, patrons, etc).

Marriage of Techniques:
When artists understand both artistic technique and entrepreneurial skill, they know how to make a living from their craft. Artistic technique + Entrepreneurial technique = Working Artist. We aspire to develop the next generation of theatrical leaders and visionaries. We want our artists to understand how to create value for a group, an audience and a community. By consistently creating value with the larger cultural milieu in mind, one has a greater chance of being relevant, as well as necessary.

Understanding Vision Having and Making:
When artists know how to create from their own interests, desires and vision, they have the potential to create something that is 1. of value to others 2. unique in its expression (as it is the artists’ own voice) and 3. in sink with the artists personal sense of inspiration and meaning.

TITAN is different in many ways. TITAN is as unique as each of our students and faculty. TITAN is both an educational environment and a creative playground, helping our artists realize their potential, their original visions and talents.

Please check us out. See our TITANtvChannel. Watch some of our videos and read some of our blog entries found, here, at The Hart Technique.

The Hart Technique is the structural and educational modality of TITAN Teaterakademi and also serves as the philosophical foundation of TITAN.

To apply for TITAN, click HERE.


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