A Deeper Look at Norway’s Unique Conservatory

This year, The International Theatre Academy Norway will enter its eighth year of operation. TITAN is

a unique school and has a unique distinction. TITAN is the first conservatory in Europe to offer a principle focus of Entrepreneurial Arts Training.

TITAN is a two-year program and the two years are divided accordingly:

In the first year, students spend time developing a great amount of artistic technique in the various areas you might expect—acting, movement, voice, speech, etc. But getting a bit away from the typical, we also offer courses designed to expand students´ imaginations and teach them how to “think like artists”. We get these students in touch with what motivates them, personally or “what makes them tick” and introduce concepts around what vision is and how to have vision—later going on to teach how to build vision.

Carl Jung, the Austrian psychoanalyst, said that creative minds play with what interests them. So, we want to help our students understand what interests them. This is not to be confused by what they are told they should be interested in or what others think they should be interested in. Rather, we want our student artists to find their unique motivating interests and voice.

The first year is a trial by fire experience. The students will experience what it is to create original acts of theatre and will act, direct, write and produce. In both the first and second years, students will produce original work they have created, produced in professional theatres in the Oslo community and will be responsible for all aspects of the creative process, including marketing, fund raising, development (all aspects) and “putting butts in seats” (audience) with the intent to profit (profit being a goal, as that is how artists make a living). Most of our students find this experience simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating. It is a process that leads to rapid growth.

The second year of education is about preparing our students for their exit into the market. Students take advanced technique courses, which build upon their previous foundation of the first year and are encouraged to take bold risks, all while running a company that they create (complete with season of shows they choose). It is during this year, that our students are encouraged to experiment with their original creative visions. “What do you want to do after you graduate” we ask them? Then we spend a lot of time mentoring them in how to effectively align themselves with their goals so that when they do graduate, they not only have their feet upon the ground, but they are hopefully at a run. If they have used their second year for the opportunity it holds, they will have acquired a sizable professional network, a fierce discipline, will have gathered resources and will have already put into action their plans for their future (all while being mentored). Students will graduate from TITAN with a business plan (whether they pursue a traditional acting path or create their own), which they have developed over the full two year program. During this time, they will have performed in multiple performances and will hopefully have become very clear about what they wish to do and create in the arts.

In addition to a wide arrange of theatre courses, students study Acting for the Camera, to better prepare them for acting for television, webisodes, podcasts and film.

We look forward to working with a diverse group of talented students who are attending TITAN this year. We seek students who desire to enhance their chances of working professionally and desire to have greater participation in their careers. Our goal as an institution is to develop artists who each have a sense of their unique artistic voice, who collectively have the potential to promote significant and tangible cultural change in their careers and cultures.

To Audition for TITAN, CLICK HERE.

Jim Hart is the founder of The International Theatre Academy Norway 


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