What Type of Student do we Seek?

At TITAN Teaterakademiet, we strive to find a proper fit between institution and student.

Every drama school has their unique mission statement. Each is different and, consequently, looks for a certain type of student for their incoming class.

At TITAN Theatre Academy, we are looking for students that seek a program that will push them to realize their potential, are willing to work hard, challenge their notion of who they are and what they wish to do with their artistic talents. We look for students who desire to lead, take risks, create original works of theatre, and desires to build a career from their own making.
We seek students who have talent, imagination, natural leadership skills, and are self-motivated and disciplined. We seek artists who can take direction, can actively brainstorm and work well with others.
We believe in our student body and attempt to prepare them to lead and innovate in their respective cultures’ milieu. We want our artists to not only have the potential to consistently work, but lead and transform culture and the arts in their lifetimes.

TITAN Teaterskole is now accepting applications for the class of 2013. For more on auditions, Click HERE.


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