These Keys can Help an Artist Make a Living.

A large number of artists have celebrity as their principle goal.

However, when celebrity is one’s goal, one is serving an audience of one.

Societies need their artists.

An artist’s gifts can have profound impact on a culture, community, nation.

When artists commit to serve others, rather than just themselves, we, collectively, gain.

Why do artists think this way?

There is nothing wrong with having a goal of celebrity.

Celebrity can be thought of as parties, money and mass popularity.

It can also be thought of as communal recognition of the artists creation of value.

Sometimes, a community will find so much value in what the artist is giving them, that they will give them their symbols of “value appreciation” to the artist (money).

Here are 2 questions that can help artists better their chances of making a living:

How are you different?
This question causes us to think from a perspective of competition. Our focus must go outward. We must look at what others are doing and answer how we are different from them. We must define ourselves.

How are you Necessary?
To be necessary, one is needed. Being needed as an artist is a wonderful thing. When you are needed, others find value in what you are doing or offering. Being needed can be a profitable position. The only way to be needed is to be committing an act of service. You must be serving others, providing them with value they need.

We must define ourselves.

We must serve others.

These keys can help an artist make a living.

Jim Hart is the founder of The International Theatre Academy Norway (TITAN) and Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts.

Application deadline for TITAN Theatre Academy is April 26, 2011. To apply today, click here: AUDITION


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