Luck, Destiny and other Intangibles

I like this definition of Luck:

Preparation Meets Opportunity.

Opportunity is around us all the time. However, if we are not looking for it, we often do not see it.

However, if we are looking for opportunity, when it raises its head, we can seize it. How lucky we will feel then.

Then we have “it”.

Preparation is the act of preparing. To be prepared, one is in proper form. One has the tools necessary for their job. When we are prepared, we are ready.

When you are ready and you seize opportunity and “have it”, potential manifests. The potential you have is what can occur with “it”.

Potential is a blank canvas. A blank canvas can have anything upon it. That canvas has the potential to be the greatest painting the world has ever known…until the first mark of paint is made. With this mark of paint, its destiny or course begins to unfold.

That painting’s destiny can change. It always can. One need simply paint over what was there before and paint something else and a new destiny or direction is born.

Preparation comes through effort. So does the seizing of opportunity. Taking advantage of potential requires expenditure of energy or effort and it is through our work or effort that our destiny begins to emerge.

Thomas Edison, American inventor who, remarkably, held 1,093 patents, famously said “Genius: one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.

The more focused our efforts can be, the more specific we can make them (by willful choosing), the greater our potential for opportunity and success.

Jim Hart is the founder of The International Theatre Academy Norway.


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