Seeking: Lost Passion. Reward Offered.

Those who have felt passion and lost it, typically can’t forget it.

Passion has a way of filling us with energy and drive.

Passion causes time to stop and to fly by like snapping fingers.

We can get lost in our passions.

Passion is great bliss.

Bliss is joy.

Most people want to be happy.

However, sometimes, life spins and we lose our ability to focus and our direction.




Starting a new job.

Getting too busy with life.

Tragedy strikes.

Not enough money.

Not enough time.

Not enough energy.

It has been too long.

The clock ticks on and on and on.

As time goes on, and on and on, our passions feel further away from us.

With enough time, that feeling stops coming around.

Communication stops.

Every now and then it might check in, bringing bursts of energy into your life.

But if not grabbed, wrestled and ridden, it will go away again.

When we lose a passion in our lives, we have lost great value.

Passion is driving energy.

It is life affirming.

And makes us feel alive.

It fills ours lives with meaning.

It gives us great cause to commit to our day.

When we have lost our passion, this great bliss, how do we get it back?

For those of us who need it, how do we hunt down passion?

Let’s explore what passion is and how to fill our lives with it.

We may visit old ones.

We may discover new ones.

When we are passionate, we can truly move mountains.

Few obstacles are too large to overcome.

We can process others criticism

And work for hours and hours with pleasure and focus.

Passion feels good.

It makes our lives better.

It will bring inspiration.

It will motivate us to action.

People are attracted to passion.

It is exciting to be around, as that energy is contagious.

Join me in this series on The Hart Technique Blog:

Passion a series

The Passion Series
Jim Hart is the founder of The International Theatre Academy Norway. Auditions begin in April. American students can apply. Click here to learn more: Study in Oslo.


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