Necessity Drives Innovation

Need has a way of sharpening our instincts, of motivating us to action and imaginative leaps.

We, as people, have this marvelous ability to solve enormously complicated problems. The imagination is a wonderful tool. The tougher the problems we face, the more imaginative we must be.

This is a great story about how cash strapped governments–large and small, are having to be creative and adapt as needed. They have found some very clever solutions that save the town money. They did so, as they had to. From salt to pickle brine.

Click Here to watch the video.

This is the proverbial gun to the head. When we have to be creative, it is remarkable how creative we can be. This is why start-up business owners/entrepreneurs need to burn their boats. When you are all in, you just have to win. That gives one a decidedly competitive advantage.

In the economically difficult time period we are currently living in, I am hopeful. Our president called upon the country for greater innovation.

This is an ideal time to be an entrepreneur. Bring your vision to the people.

Jim Hart is the founder of  The International Theatre Academy Norway.


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