Response to Yesterday’s Masturbatory Post

There is a folder on my computer that contains just a ton of posts I have written for this blog, none of which have yet to see the light of day. This is for good reason. This folder is my “Work in Progress” folder. Translate to mean “Not Ready for Human Eyes”.

However, I found myself sorting through these many entries and found one that I liked. I proceeded to post it. It was yesterday’s post “Unemployed Complain of Selling Out”.

Upon waking this morning, I felt the urge to look back at that post and I am glad that I did. That post was written over a year ago and, at that time, I shelved it because something about it bothered me. In it, it supposes that art should not be created unless one has a tangible person to create for, that to do so otherwise, would somehow be masturbation.

Upon re-reading this year old post, I question why I would have said something like this. I think I must have been itching to refer to masturbation in a post (I have done much more childish things in my adult life).

I think about yesterday’s post and it bothers me, just as it did a year ago. It bothers me because it is not true. Art created for no person in mind can hold terrific value for the artist. That is not masturbation. That is beautiful. Artists love to create and they do so for all sorts of reasons and a bottom line does not always have to be a motivating factor. That needed to be said.

I feel passionately about training in arts entrepreneurship. I believe it is the future of arts training, as it is a technique that creates jobs. Artists need jobs and most cannot function above the poverty line or make a living from their art. This needs to change. What a problem. This is the problem I seek to respond to with this blog, The Hart Technique.

There is no reason an artist cannot create both–for oneself and for an intended audience. Sometimes, the act of creativity is, for some, an act of spiritual experience. Who can criticize that? Been there.

There is no reason to not have art for you and you alone in your life. How can anyone judge peoples’ motivations for being creative?

For me, my backyard garden is my private creation place. The space in my back yard is a giant living canvas–one I have to constantly love or else the earth will take it back–almost immediately. I know that any choices I make back there–in way of plant type or design element–that all of my efforts are temporary. They will, eventually, return to the earth and the natural look of the landscape will return. In this way, a garden is much like a Buddhist sand painting. These Buddhist monks create to manifest beauty. However, they realize that all beauty is fleeting, as change is inevitable. Creating, knowing this, my garden becomes more than just a place in which I can be creative. It has become my church. It is my meditation retreat and it serves as a great source of exercise–physical, mental and spiritual. In mythology, a garden is a symbol of the soul. That makes sense to me.

My goal in writing these posts on The Hart Technique is to, hopefully, inspire artists and creative individuals to follow their dreams, structure their goals, motivate themselves to create often and do so in a bold and heroic way–perhaps even choosing to live heroically. But if people get only a good occasional laugh out of a post, that is just fine too.

I am very appreciative of the readership of The Hart Technique. I am nearing my mark of having written 200 original posts. That is quite a milestone for me. I am so hugely appreciative of all of those readers who have supported this blog over the last year and a half or so. Thank you. I wish each of you bliss in your respective creative processes.

Jim Hart

Jim Hart is the founder of The International Theatre Academy Norway.


4 thoughts on “Response to Yesterday’s Masturbatory Post

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  2. Masturbation is healthy, fun, beautiful, and can be spiritual. Just don’t do it in front of me…or get pissed if I don’t want to buy a ticket to watch it.

    That’s the point..I think.

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