Top Reasons for not Starting Anything

Creative people have all kinds of excuses for not creating…

It is hard to start something new, to make something, to create. Starting something requires energy and if one has not created in some time, chances are their tools are rusty and they need to get into proper form. That takes extra energy.

Creating something new evokes change and change has an outcome that is unknown and this makes most people feel kind of stressed.

To create something, one becomes responsible for it. If it sucks, it is not fun to be responsible for it. Thus, some avoid creating, so as to not risk the burden of responsibility and potentially sucking.

More, it is really hard sometimes to get ourselves into the right mind frame or focus. To get into a focused mind frame, to quiet the noise and be present, it requires heavy lifting-type effort, which can be no fun, too.

There is a principle in archeology called The Least Effort Principle. This principle states that the human species will only expend enough energy to get a certain job done and no more. Why hunt in the far off land if food is available close to home?

Sometimes creating something requires a lot of energy…and sometimes one, in their struggles, experiences frustration. That does not feel good. We all like to feel good, not bad.

But when we are not inspired or motivated and still choose to create, sometimes magic happens. Boldness has Genius, Power and Magic in it.

When we engage ourselves in action, our energy level grows and so does our happiness. Creating brings a lot of people happiness. One might even say we are meant to create, that it is what we do.

Sometimes, in pushing through our energy issues, stress, worry, heavy lifting, and not feeling good, a transformation occurs. We can go from being uninspired…to being inspired.

When that happens, work becomes play and play is fun.

We create because it is fun.

Jim Hart is the Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU.


4 thoughts on “Top Reasons for not Starting Anything

  1. This is so true. Creativity takes risk and that requires leaving our comfort zone. Pushing through the fear is the only path to real growth and innovation.

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