Recognition that it Is That Time of Year

It is that time of the year, the arbitrary date on the calendar is approaching, upon which, people think about the preceding 365 days and what they have learned and how they want to change.

I have given a good amount of thought to what I have learned AND what I would like to change about my life.

Let’s first start with WHAT I HAVE LEARNED in this highly tumultuous year:

I have learned this year that the ambition I have…how ever large, that I will receive push back in equal measure and should expect it.

I have learned that if I accept the push-back and commit to over-coming it, that I likely will.

I have learned that, truly, there is no greater connection or thing that is more important than family.

I have learned that I had better “watch my ass-ets”, for if people see potential to take advantage, they often will.

I have learned that the energy I bring to a situation has a direct and undeniable effect on  how I experience said situation–and that I have an active participation in what energy comes back to me in return.

I have learned that I can overcome enormous difficulties and strife if I am willing to sacrifice and commit.

I have learned just how much I am willing to sacrifice when I need to.

I have learned that sacrifice has a way of changing a person.

I have learned how important commitment to action is–unequivocal, unrelenting, burn-your-boats type commitment and have learned that, inevitably, when one commits in such a way, that the universe will shift.

I have learned that committing to a hero mentality (service towards others, willingness to sacrifice) can bring levels of bliss that I never before knew possible…also suffering, but that the bliss tends to balance out the suffering.

How I want to CHANGE:

I want to actively pray more. I want to consciously and regularly recognize that there is a force that is far beyond my mortal limitations, far larger, far grander (and totally surpassing any words I can ascribe to “it”) and that I need such in my life.

I want to more deeply invest in all things that are life affirming and have the courage and will to shed those that are not.

I want to learn to be more tolerant of people and their differences.

I want to discover and invest in new interests, love, passions and change.

No doubt more will surface.

Here is wishing YOU a marvelous transition into a new solar calendar. May your following year be a time of rich opportunity, positive introspection and change for the better.

I wish you well.



4 thoughts on “Recognition that it Is That Time of Year

    • Thank you for your spelling alert. Spelling has never been my strength…And yea. that difference does kind of change the meaning. How funny. Happy Holidays and thanks for all of your help this year!

  1. it sounds like you are already in a gratitude state of being, and if you thank the energy- that mighty current that keeps you in the flow- as it happens, in the moment, your prayer will be regular. i bless you and your family and hope your journey continues to keep you light on your feet with laughter in your belly. And I thank you for sharing your thoughts and stories with us. S

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