Ever Thought About Blogging?

Have you ever thought about writing a blog? I absolutely recommend that you do so. Starting to blog has been really rewarding for me and I am thankful that I was introduced to the idea.

Many people have the impulse to blog, but are afraid of getting it wrong or sounding silly or people judging their efforts and writing.

But here is the thing…It does not matter if people read it. If they do, great! How fantastic. If they do not, that is ok too. Writing is good for your soul. It is good to write down what you think, create, know and have to say. Who cares if few, if any people, read it? Why not do it for yourself? Here is a thought…create via a pen name. You do not even have to write your name on the piece. You can be anonymous. How liberating. If you have a pen name, you can write anything you want without fear of people you know judging you. 

Or perhaps you want to write your name on your posts, to put a name to the thoughts, to let people know how and what you think and/or feel.

Need a creative release in your life, but do not want to take up painting? If you are reading this, you know how to move around the web. You probably spend a good amount of time on the computer. Why not do something constructive with your time on the computer?

For artists, blogs can help them find their creative voice. There is nothing more powerful for an artist that being able to communicate via their own voice. What else have you got? Nothing compares.

What is your voice? Do you have one? Find out.

It is free to blog.

Here are two of the more popular sites that you can join today:  http://www.wordpress.com http://www.blogger.com

My personal feeling is that Blogger is easier to set up, but WordPress has more capabilities.

Here is a liberating thought: You can be anonymous. You can choose a pen name, if you like, and you can surrender the blog and start another one anytime you choose. What this means is that you do not have to be perfect. You can fail and it does not matter. And who knows? You might just enjoy it. A lot. Who cares if your first blog is a big pile of boring dribble? Who cares if you write a snoozer? The reader will simply stop reading and move on if they are bored. Their judgement of your post is slight and fleeting (worst case scenario). Best case scenario is that you love your blogging and want to continue doing it, that you find it personally meaningful. Why not write about something meaningful to you? Why not write about something you care something about?

Liberating thought: You do not even have to know what to write. Just start. Start writing with stream of consciousness. Do not censor yourself at all. Let anything and everything come out. Censoring your thoughts will only inhibit your action. It feels very liberating to speak your mind. I recommend that you first write on a word processor and then paste it into your blog  Just let whatever comes out, come out. Let your fingers do the thinking. Just follow your thoughts. Eventually, you will break through the mental muck of “I don’t know what to write” and other thoughts of distraction and will start to follow a thread. If you have not written in some time, this may take a few tries. Write with frequency.

There is a great feeling of liberty one can find when they let themselves say what they want to say. Try blogging for a couple days. See if you do not feel more free in doing so.

What is creativity? It is to make, to manifest, to bring about. There is no right and there is no wrong. Just create for the sake of the bliss you will likely feel. Don’t worry about outcomes. Creating is the goal. Find that energy release that comes from making something.

From sparks of electricity in your mind to the page, you are making something exist in space and time. That is pretty cool.

Pass your posts my way.

Jim Hart is the founder of Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts and The International Theatre Academy Norway.


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