Adventures are Hard to End

Sometimes, adventures are very hard to end…and sometimes…they are not.

No matter what…an adventure is going to cause you to change. Sometimes, we appreciate the change we have undergone. The lessons are immediately clear and we grow. At other times, it takes time to understand, to gestate, to process what we have learned.

Not every adventure ends in glory. Sometimes we find ourselves sitting alone in a corner and licking our wounds. Certainly, both outcomes are possible–success and failure. That is what is so exciting about adventure. You do not know what is to happen next.

On the hero journey, the hero nearly always refuses to return to the world from which they came (but then does). Why? Well, the hero has changed so much that they are literally a different person. The adventure may feel too exciting to step away from. However, adventures typically begin because of a gap and it is the duty of the hero to fill the gap, typically located at the beginning, wherever that people, frame of mind or physical location may be. If the hero does not return, they are not acting in a manner of service. Rather, they are serving themselves and there is nothing heroic about that.

We are each products of stimuli. When we expose ourselves to a significant amount of new and foreign stimuli, we cannot help but shift. Our perspectives change, our feelings and, sometimes, our whole way of looking at the world.

All adventures, at some point or another, come to an end.

However, rest assured that as one ends, you need not be without the glory and excitement that adventure can afford. As one adventure ends, another begins, ad infinitum.

Everything that starts, must end.

Jim Hart is the founder of Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts and The International Theatre Academy Norway.


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