Change that Poo into a Diamond

Entrepreneurship is a process of need fulfillment and of overcoming obstacles…again and again.

Running your own business is very much like forest fire fighting. Every day, fires pop up.  Business is  a process of people engagement. In engaging people, you must deal with their temperaments and needs. The larger your business, the more people you will have to deal with and consequently, the greater number of forest fires you will face. There are a few ways of dealing with these fires. We can:

1. Become overwhelmed and give up. This is the most boring story of all, as it is the refusal of the call–to adventure and leadership. This option is for those without will.
2. Put the fire out. Sometimes this is a struggle, as fires can grow and multiply, if we are not careful, and such a process can leave us feeling spent of energy and emotion.
3. Use the fire for its heat source and energy, having the fire then serve you.

This 3rd option is the best option.

Number 3 is a process of transformation. This is what the archetype of the Wizard does. Who does not want to be a wizard? Such magic can be practiced and learned.

How do we change a really bad situation into a positive? How do we transform a pile of poo that life puts before us and change it into a diamond? We look for other’s needs and address those needs. We compromise. We attempt to see value in all circumstances.

Sometimes, when we look, we see.

Jim Hart 


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