Self Sufficiency is Liberty

Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”.

This evening, while walking through the streets of Oslo, I  challenged myself to define the nature of TITAN in a single word. It was surprisingly easy to do. The word that came to mind was Liberty.

TITAN Teaterskole aspires to instill in our students a determined commitment to personal liberty, while at the same time, an understanding of the importance of service and community. We strive to enable our artists to realize the creative power they have, as individual artists and to have the strength of character, experience and personal resolve to maintain their personal power, rather than putting it in the hands of others. We teach our artists how to create their own opportunities, rather than relying on others to determine if they will work at all. We strive to produce Cultural Entrepreneurs.

Liberty does not come cheaply. People throughout history have had to fight for liberty. To be free is an awesome responsibility and because of the magnitude of such responsibility, there are many who choose to let other people decide their lives for them. Such individuals subscribe to a line of thinking of “I should”, rather than acting out of their own center, rather than living a life of their own making and choice. There are many systems one can subscribe to. At TITAN, we en-Courage our students to have the courage to act as the maverick does–rather than blindly submitting to a system, we urge them to go their own way, to create their own paths.

TITAN is not a school of quick fixes. We do not produce cookie cutter actors, each taught from a formula of what we believe works and what is popular within the market at this moment in time. Many schools do. Study the curriculum of the average drama school and what you will find is that many copy each others structure and do, indeed, produce cookie cutter results.

An oak tree does not grow to a mighty size and strength in a single year or two. It takes years for the oak to grow from the cracking of a seed (a terrific process of transformation), and into the mighty oak. That seed has all of the potential of the great oak within it. It only needs the right conditions for growth for it to realize its potential.

At TITAN Teaterskole, we strive to provide a rich and fertile ground for our artists to grow.

We seek to inspire in our artists a self-discipline that will enable them to persevere, a self-awareness that will enable them to find their unique voices as artists and the courage and resolve to commit to a life of self-realized personal liberty.

Jim Hart is the founder of The International Theatre Academy Norway (TITAN Teaterskole), The Hart Technique, Sleeping Hero Productions, LLC and Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts (ACPA).


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