Will you Play Warrior or Lover?

There is a cast of characters that appears to reside in each of us. These roles, these personages, manifest periodically and act through us.

Code Shifting: We all enact a process of social shifting called “code shifting”. We code shift to meet varied experiences, social expectations, and needs in our lives. Here is an example of Code Shifting: You speak differently to your doctor than you do your good friend than you do your lover.

The Lover is one who gives of themselves to an other and does so, completely. It is a powerful experience to look at another and know that they see who you are and you, at the same time, feel no need to show them anything other. The lover sees us and we see our lovers.

This cast of characters we call archetypes. They reside in our subconscious and manifest in our personality. We suppose that archetypes are a result of an evolutionary process in the development of the mind and consciousness.

We act out these characters in the adventures of each other’s lives. For some, I am a Mentor. For others, I serve as a shape shifter. I think of myself as a hero in my own life and no doubt someone thinks of me as their enemy and, consequently, darkness. I have played the role of threshold guardian for people, probably. I actively play the role of lover with my wife.

No doubt we have all met the Shape shifter, who seems to be one thing and then transforms into another character. Every met a personality shifting person?

Darkness. This is the Evil character in the movies we watch. We all have a shadow. Dark impulses arise in every person. Each of us has light as well. We are dualistic by nature. Just like in the Chinese symbol of ying yang, there are no absolutes. Neither are we all dark or light, but there is the potential of the other within both dark and light.

The Wizard is the character that transforms things. Such individuals seem to have a magic about them for they can transform a bad experience or scenario into a positive one that is useful or life affirming. This character can sit in the light or the dark. No doubt we have each met both.

The Warrior. Sometimes we have to go to war. If you do, I hope you can find your warrior side and play to win. The warrior must compete and overcome.

The Anti-Hero. There are characters like Han Solo. He thinks he is in it for himself, but ends up committing to the needs of others.

The Hero Archetype has a few necessary components:. 1. Sacrifice–got to give up your needs for another 2. Commitment to the adventure. 3. Service. When you are attending to another’s needs, you are serving them.

What roles are you playing for the varied people in your own life? When do you switch from one character to another? Do you identify yourself as the Hero of your own life? If not, who is?

What roles might you be playing in the varied roles of your life?

Jim Hart is the founder of Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts and The International Theatre Academy Norway. Both schools have a foundational philosophy of The Hart Technique.


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