The Leadership Series

On The Hart Technique Blog, I am starting a series dedicated to Leadership.

I invite you to explore our current and future posts and hope you will gain something from them.

Qualities of Leadership:

Most people do not want to lead. In fact, I would say that most people want to be lead. Leadership is a heady and heavy responsibility. What responsibility does one have in the act of leading others? Nothing less than others’ well-being. Because of the enormity of such responsibility, most would rather not assume such a role. However, for many, leadership is not a choice, but an inner necessity. I believe that leaders can arise from any number of scenarios. Some seek it out. Others have it “thrust upon them” and others slowly evolve out of some external need or circumstance. There are all types of leaders and any number of philosophies in how to lead.

Whether one’s leadership provides for the financial well-being of others and their ability to feed their families, leading others to safety from a dangerous situation or leading a large group of people (perhaps a nation) of people through trying times, the role of leader is one that when handled well, has the potential to positively and profoundly impact peoples’ lives.

There is a flip side to leadership as well. When leadership is not positive in its effect, the followers of the leader may fade away and disappear altogether. Worse, however, they may stay with the leader and change in a negative fashion themselves.

Here are ten principles I believe are important regarding leadership, which I will be exploring in near-future blogs in The Hart Technique Leadership Series:

  • Good Leaders Follow
  • And Listen
  • They offer Positive Reinforcement
  • Have a Willingness to Adapt to Circumstances
  • Serve Something Larger than Oneself
  • Fairness and Equal Treatment
  • Discipline for Oneself and Others
  • Vision
  • A Willingness to Sacrifice
  • Willingness to Make Unpopular Decisions

Please check back often for more on The Hart Technique Leadership Series. This is the first of many posts on this topic.

Jim Hart 


2 thoughts on “The Leadership Series

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  2. I like the series you’re starting! Thank you for being articulate, well-thought-out, and eloquent w/ these thoughts and ideals that are under-rated.

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