This Thought gives me Strength

The thoughts we think have a way of shaping our actions, our emotions, our perspectives on situations, our environment and our lives. As a result of our thoughts, we commit to action. As a result of our actions, we shape our respective destinies.

There are thoughts that are constructive and thoughts that are destructive.

It is easy to go down a negative rabbit hole, to doubt oneself and to become consumed by fear.

At such times, I try to remember the words of Joseph Campbell, the renowned mythologist, who said that we are never given an opportunity that we are not prepared for—that we simply would not have it (I am paraphrasing). In other words, if we have an opportunity, it is because we are prepared and able to face it. If we were not, we simply would not get to have the opportunity.

I find such thinking enormously empowering, whether it is “true” or not. I allow myself to believe such a thought and in letting myself believe it, my fear subsides and I stay focused in the field of action, engaging the circumstance with a sense of purpose, direction and confidence. I think to myself, “I am here because I am prepared and able”.

You can do the same, if you choose. Find yourself faced with a new experience, adventure, task that is new to you and consequently unknown? Let yourself believe these words: “You would not have the opportunity, if you were not prepared for it”.

Then put one foot in front of the other and go about engaging your tasks at hand, confident in the knowledge that you are able, that you would not be here, if you were not.

Jim Hart is the founder of The International Theatre Academy Norway

Check out the new TITAN Teaterskole website:


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