Re. Recent Public Response

Thank you for checking out out The Hart Technique.

The Hart Technique is about empowering artists to create original opportunities for themselves and to be more self-sufficient in their careers as artists.

In recent weeks, this post served as a public response to recent internet criticism, that was lead by a former worker at TITAN, who was suspended from his post. This smear campaign was, presumably, lead because of anger at having been suspended.

As the Hart Technique is about personal empowerment and artistic opportunity building, we have chosen to remove this non-typical post. It was only post for the time it was, as we felt it necessary to respond to the smear campaign conducted against the school and myself, Jim Hart.

Please explore the over one hundred original posts you will find in the archives of The Hart Technique blog post and thank you for your continued support.

The Hart Technique serves as the philosophical foundation of both The International Theatre Academy Norway and Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts.

Jim Hart is the founder of The International Theatre Academy Norway (TITAN Teaterskole) and Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts. Hart served as Rektor of TITAN from its inception in 2004 to 2008 and designed all aspects of the accredited curriculum. TITAN is a 2-year professional school, accredited by the National Organization for Quality in Education (NOKUT).