Negativity Attracts Negativity

We all have a choice as to how we respond to the world and circumstance. We can choose to play the role of victim and fall into a pattern of negativity or we can choose its opposite.

We are creatures of habit and when we get into a mind frame of negativity or victim playing, it is hard to get out of such a pattern and to consider anything else. In such moments, our minds are playing in a loop. In such times, it is important to try to have the conscious awareness to turn off the tape and look outward.

Our minds can justify most of our thoughts and impulses. As with any circumstance, if you look for something negative, you will likely find it. Simultaneously, if you look for the good (like in others, circumstance, opportunities, change, etc), you will likely find that too.

I consciously work to focus on the positive and to have a positive outlook. I find that doing so attracts positive people and circumstances. That is a universal truth. What goes around comes around. Kharma, Treat others as you choose to be treated, etc. I want positive experiences and people in my life and profession. There is enough negativity out there and I find such just exhausting and typically lacking in imagination.

This applies not only to our social lives, but professional lives and opportunities. People do not want to work with people who are consistently negative, dark or often playing the role of victim. No one likes a Debby Downer…except other Debby Downers, as misery loves company.

Your perspective on your circumstance is largely in your own control.

Jim Hart is the founder of The International Theatre Academy Norway, Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts and The Hart Technique.


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