Top Ten Posts

The following were the top ten posts this past year, here at The Hart Technique (in way of most read):

If you have not already read some of these posts, I invite you to do so.

If you have, feel free to have a second look.

Thank you for your support, as always.


1. The Tiger Raised by Sheep
2. Seven Stages of Life
3.  No Utopia.
4. How is Tuition Decided?
5. Man is by instinct a Lover, a Hunter, a Hunter, a Fighter
6. Live Mythically (part 1)
7. Burn Your Boats.
8. That Familiar Taste of Failure
9. I want to do the Creative part, not the “Work” Part
Choosing to Live, Deliberately

Jim Hart is the founder and Dean of Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, The Hart Technique, The International Theatre Academy Norway (TITAN Teaterskole) and Sleeping Hero Productions, LLC.

Austin Conservatory of Pro. Arts is accepting applications now: Apply online HERE.


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