APCA´s New Space. Follow our Progress!

Will have a sprung wooden floor and 7´mirror bank. That glass garage door opens.

We are in the process of building out our new space for Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts.

Please follow our progress.

Our new space is to be multi-functional and will be used for a wide-range of activities. In addition to our conservatory, we plan to offer space rental for varied cultural institutions´needs. We will have a sprung wooden floor and a wall of mirrors (perfect for theatre/dance/and movement training), a screening room for filmmakers (with 1080p projector), which can also serve conferences and as as a teaching aide.

Office and conference room. Student loung upstairs.

We have two studios in the space, enabling us to have two groups, working simultaneously.

We are very, very excited. To follow our updates, subscribe to The Hart Technique Blog.

Austin Cosnervatory of Professional Arts is a full-time professional theatre training program, specializing in entrepreneurial arts training. ACPA is accepting applications now.

Multi-function room with Screening capabilities.


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