Personal Liberty (or Are you Free)?

Anyone who has spent any time on this blog recognizes that I am passionate about entrepreneurship in the arts.

To understand my own motivations, I have tried to articulate why I have this burning passion and why I have felt such a driving desire to write what is around 90 posts, to date, on this blog.

I can sum my feelings up in a word. Entrepreneurial Arts training is about:         Liberty.

It is about personal freedom: Freedom of expression, Ability to act without censoring yourself, about having the courage, tenacity, skill and discipline to build things into reality (like one’s career and professional opportunities).

I love to help others discover how powerful they are and what it means to be responsible for their talents and their own liberty.

When I refer to building things, I refer to your creativity. Creativity is to make, to build, to bring about, to manifest. Each of us has the potential power to (among other things):

  • To create worlds of our own design
  • To be the principle driver of our own destiny
  • To create value for others and, thereby, commit an act of service in the world.

But with liberty, with freedom, comes a lot of responsibility.

If You are your Boss, you are not necessarily being told what to do. Here one needs technique to effectively and efficiently operate with such a blank canvas (We offer such technique at ACPA).

The greatest part of my job is watching my students’ realization of the personal power they possess. When they come to know this power, they want to use it.

Marvelous things sometimes result. On occasion, innovation bubbles up.

We need innovation.

Jim Hart is the founder of Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts (ACPA). Austin Conservatory is accepting applications now. Apply HERE.

For more on Hart, see The Hart Technique.


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