Classes at Austin Conservatory (ACPA)

We have just posted our list of classes on the ACPA site. Please feel free to explore…

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Experiential Learning: We believe students learn best by engaging in direct, hands-on experience. Experiential learning enables students to not only intellectually understand concepts, but to experience them and consequently own them.

Our curriculum is divided into three distinct areas (Though many of these stubjects dovetail with the varied course areas):

Acting-centric courses:
Acting Technique
Mask Work
Acting for the Camera (Film, TV, Internet, Commercial, etc)
Voice and Speech
Playing one’s Function

Self-Sufficiency in the Arts:
Vision Having and Vision Building
Thinking Like an Artist
Myth and the Hero Journey
Business in the Arts

Vision Having and Vision Making
Building an Audience
Understanding the Market
Creating a Niche
Studio Lab
Legal Structures and Financing Approaches
Grant Writing
Leadership of Self and Others

We strive to answer two questions with everything we teach:

How will the information or experience taught help these students make a living?
How will the information or experience taught help these students find their Unique Artistic Voice?

In the process of learning, our students engage in each of these course subject matters under the safe environment of the school and while being

mentored, guided, constructively criticized and motivated

by our faculty of professional artists, entrepreneurs and leaders.


Most students, in their time at ACPA, will find that they have never worked so hard in their lives before.

Artistic Incubator:
ACPA serves as an artistic incubator for many of our students. We want our students to arrive with their big ideas and visions. Some will come with many and some will discover many while in school. During their time at ACPA, these students will have opportunity to flesh out their original visions in such a way, that they might implement their plans, following graduation or even while still in school.

We want our graduates to feel they not only have their feet upon the ground, but are at a full run.

Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts is accepting applications now.

Jim Hart is the founder and owner of Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, The International Theatre Academy Norway, The Hart Technique and Sleeping Hero Productions, LLC.


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