Have you Questioned your Education?

There is a standard approach in American and Norwegian arts training.

It is this: All arts technique and no real business training.

The result? Many artists know how to create a work of art, but not necessarily how to Make a Living.

This leads to stereotypes such as actors REALLY being waiters and the starving artist. This fact is widely acknowledged by educators in university and college programs throughout the nation and it is a process that leads to widespread under and unemployment for an extreme majority of graduates. So, why are these schools not altering their curriculums to respond to this problem? The short answer: As long as students are willing to pay, they will not perceive their programs as broken.

If you are like me, you likely paid a small fortune for your theatrical education. Why aren´t these schools teaching artists how to make a living with their art?

The schools are responding to what they perceive as supply and demand. However, their thinking is all mixed up and questionable. They perceive the demand being the considerable number of applicants who apply to the over two hundred programs for theatre in America, each and every year. What schools should be focusing on are the demands from the Market. The market says there are too many players and not enough jobs. However, schools continue to crank out class after class of graduates, many of whom join the tens of thousands of others in the already oversaturated markets, most competing for the same resources, the same typical commercial opportunities.

There is another way. Change is needed and it starts with YOU.

But there is more opportunity than that of the typical path. In fact, I would argue, that the typical path is the unsafe option and by following it exclusively, artists do themselves an enormous disservice.

Artists have the potential for great amounts of power–personal creative power and power within the market and artists´respective cultures. It is this power that educational institutions need to address, for it is this power that will lead them to a sustainable income in the arts. Translation? The ability to make a living from one´s craft.

Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts  and The International Theatre Academy Norway, both schools founded by Jim Hart, work to fill this sizable gap in American and Norwegian theatre training by marrying artistic and entrepreneurial techniques, a process that leads to working artists. We offer a time-tested approach. It is one that produces results and is one that I believe, will inspire you. Check us out. See what makes ACPA and TITAN different and see what people are saying about Jim Hart (founder of ACPA and TITAN Teaterskole).

If you are a free-thinker and tired of the traditional path and tired of a decade or more of “survival jobs”, apply today. We will sharpen your artistic skills and through mentorship, guide you into the market, to gain real world market experience, while still in school.

ACPA and TITAN: Developing a new generation of theatrical visionaries and a new standard in arts education.

Jim Hart is the founder of Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, The International Theatre Academy Norway (TITAN Teaterskole), The Hart Technique and Sleeping Hero Productions LLC.


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