This is for the Bold of Heart

If you want to make a living in the arts, be strong of heart. The conventional commercial path is oversaturated and rejection is a regular bedfellow for most contemporary artists.

Why do you do your art? If you are like me, you do it because you love doing it. You may even feel that you have to do it, that you are not “yourself”, if you are not doing what you love…creating your art.

For me, I realized that it is not acting, per say that motivates me and ignites my passion, but rather, the act of creating.

I am a creative individual and I have to create. If I don’t, those energies are not properly released and they invade other aspects of my life, showing up in sometimes-inappropriate ways. I have come to know that, for me, as a creative artist, I have to be creating all the time.

There are some types of creation I prefer to engage in and I certainly love some more than others (meaning creative outlets). I have found, that personally, I have to infuse most aspects of my life with creativity.

Doing so makes me feel creative. When I feel creative, I want to create more.

This is what I mean when I refer to the importance of developing momentum (see past posts).

It is much easier to further propel a large and already moving stone, than it is to put a large stone in stillness—into motion.

Want to always be working? If yes, then you need to always be working.

Sometimes that might translate into more conventional commercial opportunities.


That could translate into creating opportunities for your self.

I love to teach artists how to create opportunities for themselves.  I suppose what I love most about such a process, is watching these artists, as they realize their own power, abilities and potential. When they are provided tools to market and utilize their developed talents, you can literally just watch these talents just open up. What is it that they discover? Power and Freedom.

The power they feel is self-empowerment (the most powerful kind). The Freedom they feel is the sort of emotion that most, once tasting its sweetness, want to experience again and again.

Some artists do not realize their creative potential, as they have never had the opportunities to learn how to be self-sufficient in a career in the arts. Sometimes, these artists do not even realize that such is in their field of possibility. Some gifted leaders do not even know they have the wiring of a leader. ACPA gives them an opportunity to experience such.

With the creation of Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, I aspire to build the school I, in some ways, wish I had gone to. I have built a curriculum around what I perceive produces real results for working artists, tested over a long period of time and experienced in the building and running of my first conservatory, TITAN Teaterskole, which is in Oslo, Norway. ACPA is different from TITAN, just as two children born from the same parents are different from each other.

In the four years I build and ran TITAN, I successfully ushered the school through a two-year accreditation process with the Norwegian government, navigated through all of the trials and tribulations of building an original vision of considerable size and scale and consistently overcame one obstacle after another. In the four years I ran TITAN, I grew the school from an idea in my mind, into a nationally recognized conservatory and place for professional arts training and entrepreneurship, unlike any other, anywhere.

I am enormously proud of those students who graduated from my tenure as the Dean of TITAN. Many of these graduates regularly astound me by their boldness and accomplishments

I learned a lot in that process and continue to learn, as I build my second school, ACPA.

I would like to invite you to see what makes us different and encourage you to consider applying. The intensive conservatory training in Entrepreneurship in the Arts, offered at ACPA, is a process that will change your life.

Jim Hart is the founder of Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, The Hart Technique, Sleeping Hero Productions, LLC and The International Theatre Academy Norway.


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