Our Natural Tools and Talents

Impulses: A prompting towards action. Ex. “Do this. Do this”.

Imagination: Mentally forming images or concepts. Where vision and creativity stem from.

Instinct: A natural inclination or tendency.

Each of us is born with these tools. We each possess them, naturally.

Impulses can be controlled, worked with and followed

Imagination can be expanded and lead to vision having and enhanced creativity .

Instinct can be recognized and realized.

The body is our greatest physical tool. The body can become more flexible, can become stronger, faster, have enhanced endurance and can serve as a powerful tool of expression.

It is our goal, at Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, to equip our artists with tools and techniques that will enhance their abilities to make a living and find their artistic voice.

Talent cannot be increased or expanded. The talent we each have, we are born with. However, that talent can be shaped and the artist can be taught how to effectively and efficiently make the most out of what talents they do have.

This is what we teach at ACPA.

Come prepared to work harder than you perhaps ever have before in your life and be prepared for adventure.

Our program is highly intensive. It is rigorous. The result that ensues is an environment in which students grow rapidly over a short period of time and gain insight, knowledge, experience and tools, all of which can be used over a lifetime.

Explore what makes ACPA unique and welcome to Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts.

Jim Hart is the founder of Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, The Hart Technique and The International Theatre Academy Norway.

ACPA is accepting applications now for the inaugural class of 2011. Click Here to Apply Online. Application Deadline April 20.


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