Realize Your Own Potential as an Artist.

Nearly everyone in the theatre industry, meaning directors, writers, producers, technicians, etc., began their career in theatre in an acting class.

Acting classes are the window into the profession.

What many of our students discover, in their process of education, is that they have a wide array of talents. Many find that they can write, direct and produce. Many find that they have potential to have “The big visions”. The actors vision is the smallest in the creative process (although the only necessary one in creating theatre).

Do you have the potential to have large-scale visions?

If you are like many, perhaps you have never accessed that part of yourself, of your talents, of your mind, as you have not had opportunity to sufficiently experience and explore that part of yourself.

Experience what you can be as an artist.

Experience how many talents you may have.

Experience how your talents can serve others and…

In the process of exploring your talents, learn how you can increase your chances of making a living in the arts.

At Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, we strive to help our artists discover their potential and power as artists. Knowing that acting classes serve as the window into the industry, if our artists discover a greater passion in directing, they are not failed actors. Rather, they are directors.

What is your potential?

ACPA can help you discover what that may be. Discovering your potential can lead to a life of meaning and creative fulfillment. Not a bad place to be.

Jim Hart is the founder of Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, The Hart Technique and The International Theatre Academy Norway


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