Money: Symbol of Energy

What is money? This paper, digital numbers, whatever form it is in, we interact with it throughout our lives. But what is it?

Money is a Symbol. It is a symbol of value. It used to be that money was literally worth its weight in gold. Here is another offering: Money is a symbol of Energy.

People exert energy (working) to earn money (a symbol of energy).

When one has money, they can exchange the paper for other peoples’ goods, which required energy to make, or services (a direct expenditure of energy).

The more money we have, the more energy we can put into action. The less money, the less energy we can put into action. To gain money, our exertion of energy must be of value to others. Is that not what entrepreneurship is partly about—providing value—while assuming risk for financial gain? Value creation?

Many artists think of money as something that they either have or do not. This lack of money often controls whether or not they will work at all. Others do not let this factor serve as a defining factor, but a motivating one…to find money, to attract capital.

What services or goods can you provide that will cause others to want to give you their symbols of energy?

What value can you offer? What do you have?

Jim Hart


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