How is Tuition Decided?

How did TITAN arrive at the price of 79,000 NOK pear year and what does that afford me, as a student?

The national average for private education in America (per year) is $26,273 USD and is rising every day. At 79,000 NOK per year, we feel TITAN is very competitive with existing private education in Norway and far more competitive than average tuition costs abroad.

In our course work, we have three classes a day, each of which, are 1.5 hours in length. This translates to 4.5 hours of advanced course work with top-tier teachers each week.

Classes take place 5 days per week. This means our students have 22.5 hours of actual in class course time each week.

We have 36 academic weeks in our school year (time students are actually in class), which means our students engage in 810 hours (or 1,080 “academic hours) of course time each academic year.

However, our day does not stop with course work, as our students are often in production. This production process lasts the entire year and, typically, takes place Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturday. Our students are working from early morning to afternoon with their courses and afternoon to late evening with their assignments and production calendar. This time period is typically observed and mentored by faculty members. So, if rehearsals go from 3pm to 7pm (which is average), our students are gaining an additional 720 hours of mentored academic experience. This all translates to mean that our students, in their time at TITAN and through their course will work at least 1,530 hours and usually closer to 2,000 hours. That is just in one year.

TITAN  is a two year program, enabling students to come to a mark of close to 4,000 hours working on their craft.

We believe in having the best instructors we can possibly have, to make as rich an academic experience for our students as possible. Talented teachers are not cheap and this tuition pays their salaries.

In fact, all operational costs at TITAN are paid for by student tuition.

At close to 2,000 working hours a year, a students’ tuition comes down to approximately $39.5 NOK per hour, less than a typical cup of coffee.

Our school is a Professional Artists’ Finishing School. We train skilled artists in how to more effectively compete in the market and how to further enhance their chances of making a living from their creativity and art.

Tuition pays for salaries, faculty teaching, facilities (space), cost of running space and all other operational expenses.

But in Norway, shouldn’t the state pay for educational institutions? It does if you are a college or a private “friskole”. However, we are a vocational school (fagskole), and as this category is new under Norwegian law, the government offers no money for fagskoles at present. However, there are organizations lobbying for change.

39.5 NOK per hour is a good investment in your future, your career, and is a reasonable cost for advanced training with industry professionals, time to study in a mentoring environment with challenging and motivating projects, teachers and students.

What price can you put on an education that will likely change your life for the better?

TITAN is approved by (or gødkjent av) Lånekassen. TITAN is accredited by the Norwegian government (NOKUT).

Jim Hart is the founder of The International Theatre Academy Norway.


2 thoughts on “How is Tuition Decided?

  1. Tuition is growing to ridiculous amounts. This is helpful to see a breakdown of how cost is allocated and how much it costs to run a school. When you break it down to 9.47 an hour, it seems like a good investment. The sticker shock of the accumulative price can be jarring, but you are right. It is an investment & an investment that is focused around helping people make money is a good one.

    Thanks for hte post. I will chekc back again.

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