Check out the interior of our new space.

Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts has a new home.

We just moved in yesterday. Check out this video to see the interior CLICK ME.

We plan to finish out the space with fresh white paint. The silver duct work will be removed and replaced with hard duct work (spiral), which will create a much nicer look and feel.

Note the exposed brick walls and very, very high ceilings. Note: We plan to use the space for performances and as a theatre, in addition to the regular courses we offer.

To facilitate this process, we will build sprung wooden floors (or a floating floor) on the concrete. This will enable performers to land on a softer, more flexible surface and opens our school to use by wide array of cultural institutions and performance styles.

We aime to have our grand opening celebration in one month’s time. Please stay posted at this blog for more information. If you have not already done so, please subscribe to our mailing list. Doing so, will enable you to receive information about upcoming parties, workshops, auditions and special events.

For more information on Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, go to


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