The Individual and the Maverick.

We value individualism so much in our culture, that the Marine Corp has a code to leave no man behind.

Whenever a soldier dies in battle, it makes news.

Alexis de Tocqueville, a French political thinker and historian best known for his “Democracy in America” (1805-1859), was the first to coin the word “Individualism”, a word he used to describe the people and communities he observed in Colonial America. Truly, the very word “Individualism” arose from the American landscape, according to the authors of Habits of the Heart.

Now, a Maverick is a very special type of individual.

Each of us, from our moment of birth, begins our indoctrination of social imprinting. Our values, from the beginning, are being shaped by the influences around us (our parents, our environment, our communities, churches, teachers, political figures, etc). We are told what is right and what is wrong from a very young age.

Most of us, without giving it too much thought, embrace such values, for they are what we have always known to be so. Some do not question their values, which is a pity. There is much to be gained by doing so.

In life, you will have many opportunities to subscribe to a modality. The standard in American arts training (all arts technique and nothing in way of real business training) is one such modality. Actors are told to “do these things to find work, after graduation”. That is pack mentality.

The maverick refuses to submit and, instead, goes their own way and lives by their own sense of values.

We see this image in the figure of the cowboy, our uniquely American of heroes.

We see this figure in Han Solo (note the meaning of the name).

At SMU, Meadows School of the Arts, we promote individualism. We encourage the unique. We strive for innovation.

We are looking for young leaders, young mavericks.

Explore Meadows School of the Arts and the program for Arts Entrepreneurship today.

Jim Hart


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