Champions Adjust.

While at Yale School of Drama, I had a movement teacher by the name of Wesley Fata. Wesley was well known for the little gems he would bequeath in an “off the cuff” fashion.

One such gem has always stuck with me and here it is:

“Champions Adjust”.

These two words, together, embody a profound idea. Champions, in their process of earning such title, adjust to the circumstances before them.

Artists need, in their entrepreneurial process, to act in a flexible fashion.

A stick that has become rigid, if bent, breaks.

In our process of career pursuit and development, we must learn to be flexible and nimble (both with our artistic techniques and mental faculties). We must learn to adjust to the demands of circumstance, change and the unknown.

There is a military saying that illustrates this nicely:  No plan survives first contact.

What does this mean? No matter how you plan, once you involve other people, the plan must adapt. Like life, people are unpredictable. You can plan and plan and plan, but if your opponent zigs instead of zags, you need to adjust right in that very moment, falling back on your technique and remain active, or risk being overcome.

It takes courage to embody this concept of “Champions Adjust”. Planning helps us feel secure and can be a great process to focus our minds and intent. However, in the field of the unknown, while dealing with others, and while attempting to overcome obstacles that have been laid before us, we must adjust or risk suffering the fate of the rigid stick.

Jim Hart is the founder of The International Theatre Academy Norway and The Hart Technique.


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