Decreasing our Risk

To risk, one has the potential to lose. However, with risk, one also has the potential to gain and from my perspective, a life without risk is a life not Lived.

But let’s try to not take stupid risks. We need to take educated, informed risks.

Let’s say that you have the courage to engage in a process of fulfilling your dreams. Let’s call it the “Hero Journey”. You have committed to your hero journey adventure and have taken your first steps forward into unknown land.

Now…there are tons of risks out there. Now that we are committed, lets try  to decrease our risk as much as we possibly can. Risk is always going to be present. No doubt about that. What can we do, through our own actions, to decrease our personal (and for some, family) risk?

Would you be willing to simplify almost all aspects of your life, to decrease your risk in pursuing your dream? Simple adjustments can have profound effects. Usually, risk translates to money had or spent.

If you like to eat out, would you be willing to sacrifice that part of your life? Would you be willing to cook meals at home for almost all of your meals…for a year?

Would you be willing to risk your present lifestyle and maybe even your family or lovers’ and purposely choose to live efficiently?

Almost all people feel a drive and need to work, to create, and do something productive. A lot of people feel very empowered and…dare I say…*happy* when they are doing the work they love. Then work is less work and more a joy.

If you had to sacrifice your lifestyle and finances for three years or longer, in order to achieve potential LONG TERM financial and career success, would you be willing to do that? How about five years? Ten, if that is what it takes?


Engaged effort over a span of time, can give us a great sense momentum, of accomplishment and of purpose. With consistent effort and over time, we may begin to see the fruit of our labors…or at least perceive that the tree is in bloom and may fruit.

With momentum, we gain perspective. We realize we would not have made it to even this point, had we not made the investments that were necessary. We are then that much closer to achieving our goal. The beginning risks, at this point, start to seem smaller and smaller, less and less significant.

Beginning a new endeavor, one, inevitably, has to sacrifice, has to risk. But, with proper analysis of the risk and a willingness to engage it, with time and continued effort, the enormity of the tasks seem a little smaller, a little less difficult and closer and closer we come to achieving our goals.

Jim Hart is the founder of Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, The Hart Technique and The International Theatre Academy Norway.


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