Three qualities of satisfying work

As Malcolm Gladwell writes, in his book Outliers, that most people find that the following three qualities must be present, in order to

This is a very interesting perspective that will likely change your thinking about "success".

find their work satisfying:

1. Autonomy: Independence or the right to self-govern

2. Complexity: Most enjoy being challenged in their work.

3. Connection between Effort and Reward: All work and no reward is no good.

I would also add a desire for social interaction and interconnectivity and frequency or consistency in opportunity.

In the work you are currently engaged in, do you find that you meet each of these areas?

One of the beautiful things about entrepreneurship is that you have the potential to actively and consciously integrate each of these areas into your life and business pursuit.

Are there other qualities you perceive to be essential?

Jim Hart is the founder of Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, a full-time training program in Entrepreneurial Arts technique, teaching artists how to make a living in the arts. Hart has also founded The International Theatre Academy Norway and The Hart Technique.


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